Appium error: bundletool.jar cannot be found

I’ve installed Appium in Linux and MacOS and once I finished the installation I’ve ran appium-doctor to do a diagnostic for necessary dependencies. In both computers I got the same problem:

  • bundletool.jar cannot be found

I’ve tried a bunch of solutions proposed via Stack Overflow and similar sites, but I got no solutions. So investigating and doing different tests I was able to solve it using these steps:

  • Download bundletool.jar` from
    • At this moment is bundletool-all-0.10.3.jar`
  • Rename it to bundletool.jar
  • Create folder ~/Library/Android/sdk/bundle-tool in Mac
    • ~/Android/Sdk/bundle-tool in Linux
  • Move bundletool.jar to this path and make it executable with chmod +x bundletool.jar
  • Add $ANDROID_HOME/bundle-tool to the path editing .bash_profile or .bashrc

Finally when you run appium-doctor you can see bundletool.jar is properly installed at found.